Squids with detachable tentacles — managing complexity and load-times in WebDirect : Jonathan Jeffery


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The general rule for building apps for WebDirect is to keep the relationships diagram simple, to reduce record-load time. However, when modelling complex systems, large relationship islands (‘squids’) may become unavoidable. We have found that the impact of large squids can be negated, if the number of active relationships are kept to a minimum—by populating or clearing global fields in the left-hand table (that is, giving the squid \'detachable tentacles\'). Using FileMaker’s new JSON functions makes it easy to keep track of which relationships need to be ‘active’ at any given moment, and keeps development overheads to a minimum. Load-times are also helped by using PSOS scripts to update stored fields with dynamic data (summaries and totals, etc.), rather than relying on unstored calculations.