InspectorPro | Developer Insights : Vincenzo Menanno


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Day 1, Track 2
Goodwood Room

Come join me and learn how InspectorPro can help keep your FileMaker solutions problem-free. InspectorPro collects, analyzes and reports on data from the FileMaker DDR (Database Design Report), and generates a complete list of additional information to provide advanced insight into your FileMaker solutions.
The latest version of InspectorPro offers new ways of collaborating with other members of your project team, via FileMaker Server and third-party integrations. Whether you develop alone, or as part of a team, InspectorPro lets you analyze your solutions using PDoS (Process DDR on Server), for fast results.
Come learn what is new and improved with InspectorPro.
InspectorPro’s mission is to be the most comprehensive tool that exists to debug and troubleshoot your FileMaker apps. Get a peak at what we have been working on in the InspectorPro laboratory, and how it can help you and your team build the best FileMaker solutions.