How to hit the planning sweet spot : Rob Speakman


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Day 2, Track 1
Ascot Room

Everyone knows that developing an app without requirements is like building a house without plans or drawings. Sooner or later, it will collapse. However, we believe that the real skill is hitting the sweet spot with the right amount of planning. Yes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail is a motto we live by, but overpreparing and drowning yourself in too much or the wrong info can really draw a project to a halt or drag out development efficiency or effectiveness. The goal of my session it to look at a usable framework for being efficient with your planning and information gathering. We will look at how you make sure your client is confident you understand what they require, whilst also providing clear guidelines so you or your developers know what to build. We will look at the skills or tools you can use to represent the information and how best to transfer this knowledge. The depth of information you require depends on the size and complexity of what you’re building but also the size of your team.