FileMaker and graph databases : Joris Aarts


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Day 2, Track 1
Ascot Room

How can Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and Google provide recommendations in near-real time? What database engine is used to investigate the Panama papers? Can we tap into that power with FileMaker? Sure!
Learn more about the power of so called ‘graph databases’. We will use the most popular one — Neo4j — as an example and show step by step how we can integrate a graph database in a FileMaker solution. The showcased FileMaker Apps are free to download after the session.

Topics covered:

What is a graph database? Why would I care?
Loading FileMaker data into a graph
Dynamically update a graph from FileMaker
Build a FileMaker app based on a graph database
Visualize FileMaker data using the graph
Query speed: FileMaker versus graph