Using JSON in FileMaker : Jul Carson


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Day 2, Track 1
Ascot Room

A brief introduction to JSON covering the basic structure of the language and features of relevance to its use in FIleMaker. We will look at the JSON commands built into FileMaker, then look at how JSON can be used pass script parameters in an easy and flexible way. Finally we will look at a real world implementation that calls the Google Maps Geocoding API both to derive the latitude and longitude of an address (Geocoding) and obtaining an address from the latitude and longitude (Reverse geocoding). These addresses will be plotted on a map using Leaflet, with interactive pins from which a FileMaker script will run. The demo will show both how to build an api call with additional parameters and how to extract the result for use within a solution; it will also show the use of that data in a javascript based web viewer with a brief explanation of how that is achieved.