Integrating FileMaker with the World: AWS, Machine Learning and Beyond : Matthew Haughton


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Day 2, Track 1
Ascot Room

The FileMaker platform provides its developers with all the tools needed for linking with many external systems.
In this session we will look at how we can generate signatures for AWS APIs and take advantage of Amazon’s AI technologies using only native FileMaker functions and script steps. You will learn how to use Amazon’s APIs for detecting faces, detecting unsafe or suggestive content, auto-matching faces to known contacts, automatically tagging images with relevant labels, transcription, text-to-speech, language translation and detecting key phrases and sentiments in text. Plus AWS can do more, a lot more!
Everything in this session can be used on any FileMaker device with no plugins.
During this session you will learn about FileMaker’s cryptographic functions and cURL options, and it is these tools that you will be able to use to connect to many other systems and platforms. Whether it’s AWS Authorisation Headers, accounting systems or Google APIs, FileMaker already provides us with the tools needed to integrate with the world!
This will be a reasonably advanced technical session though some of it will still be accessible to intermediate users. Sound knowledge of FileMaker calculations, scripts and custom functions will be essential to technical understanding.