Brad Freitag

FileMaker Inc

Brad Freitag leads FileMaker’s sales teams, and he is also responsible for the company’s FileMaker Business Alliance of partners and resellers.

Prior to joining FileMaker in 2013, Freitag held senior executive sales positions at Roambi, Host Analytics, Inc., Hyperion Solutions (now part of Oracle), and IBM. Freitag holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

James Qiu

FileMaker Inc

James Qiu, Chief Technology Officer, leads FileMaker’s long-term technology vision. He is in charge of technology research team, and is responsible for FileMaker’s technical direction. Prior to joining FileMaker in 2010, James served Oracle for more than 10 years as Architect, and Director of Engineering.

James joined FileMaker in 2010. Under his leadership, FileMaker made some innovative technical enhancements such as incremental backup, deadlock detection and resolution, database cache pool management, etc. In the last couple of years, James led engineering teams in delivering WebDirect, FileMaker Cloud, RESTful Data API and Admin API, etc.

Julie Sigfrinius

FileMaker Inc

Julie Sigfrinius has responsibility for global partners including FileMaker Business Alliance members, channel distributors and resellers for FileMaker, Inc. Over the last 5 years, Julie has worked to improve partner programs, increase the FileMaker partner ecosystem and elevate partnerships and alliances. Prior to this role, Julie managed the FileMaker channel in the Americas for 7 years as well as FileMaker Latin American.

Prior to FileMaker, she was employed by one of Apple’s premiere resellers for 16 years where she built a professional services and training division which was a successful FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Julie now lives with her husband and children in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Marie Normand

FileMaker Inc

Marie has joined the FileMaker team early 2018 as the EMEA Partner Manager. Originally from the French-speaking province of Québec, in Canada, she began her career in communication and then journalism, before joining the FileMaker developers community as the Sales Director for a Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance member in Montréal. Having worked for 5 years for an FBA organisation, Marie is able to understand the value of the partners within the FileMaker community. She is also always happy to talk about travels and learn about the best hiking trails to discover.

Douglas Wallis

FileMaker Inc

Douglas Wallis is the EMEA Manager for Platform Evangelism at FileMaker.

After graduating in French Law (BA) at Paris Université II, Douglas moved back to the UK where he had previously lived for about 10 years. Douglas had worked in London for over 15 years as a “data guru” developing in-house and clients custom apps using FileMaker, SQL and various mapping software.

He joined FileMaker in 2014 as System Engineer for Southern Europe and has now extended his role to now cover the whole of Europe. When he is not working with data, Douglas enjoys the occasional game of golf, and plays local rugby games on Sunday morning in his new home town of Nantes in South Brittany.

John Renfrew

att.it{ude}, UK

John is a frequent contributor to FileMaker events in the UK and abroad, covering technical topics with an open and investigating style. His background as a Maths and creative Arts teacher led to a career first in the live entertainment industry, then supporting product launches for a major UK car manufacturer. He has been developing in FileMaker since the late 1980s, initially in-house and then for the last 8 years a full-time Consultant and FBA member.

Johan Hedman

Atatiki Sweden

Johan is Partner and Senior Developer at Atatiki AB. He often holds lectures at Scandinavian DevCon and FileMaker roadshows. In 2015 and 2016, he spoke to FileMaker DevCon in Las Vegas. He will also be speaking this year in Dallas. Johan’s goal is to provide our customers with technical guidance of high quality while also helping to raise awareness with other FileMaker developers.
Johan has developed solutions on the FileMaker platform for more than 15 years.

Tim Guest

Contedia, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

Tim is the Managing Director of Contedia, an IT services business with 17-years’ experience providing business technology solutions to SMEs in many vertical industries. With a background in design engineering and a previous career in software consulting to automotive and aerospace OEMs and suppliers, Tim has an empathy with manufacturers and enjoys having the opportunity for Contedia to develop custom software to address business process ‘bottlenecks’ that help transform development, engineering or production efficiency.
The FileMaker platform is a relatively new focus for Contedia to address increasing customer interest in rapid application development projects.

Jonathan Jeffery

CJM Software Ltd.

Jon started working with FileMaker in 2003, as the database administrator at the International School of Amsterdam. Since moving back to the UK, has has worked as a FileMaker developer, specialising in large databases and systems-integration (via PHP, PowerShell, XML and the new FM API).
He has a Ph.D. in Vertebrate Palaeontology, which did not lead to a career, but did teach him a lot about managing complexity. He has presented at several FileMaker meetings in the UK.

Chaim Bacon

Antiquity Software

Chaim is founder of Feedzon, developers of Antiquity Software. Working with FileMaker for 24 years, he has presented at DevCon and FileMaker UK events on many occasions. Chaim built a successful business based on a FileMaker vertical market (VM) solution for photographers, eventually receiving investment and finally selling that business. Now building a similar business around a VM solution for antique and art dealers, Chaim will talk about the benefits and challenges of developing a VM product in FileMaker including licence control, website integration, designing flexibility into your solution, creating recurring revenue, providing support, upgrades and empowering staff.

Joe Scarpetta

The Scarpetta Group, Inc., USA

Joe Scarpetta is the CEO/Owner of The Scarpetta Group, Inc. in Simpsonville, SC. Joe is the architect behind the Scarpetta Group’s award winning system Jarvis (2017 FileMaker Excellence Award for Design). He applies a visionary approach to his solutions and maintains a forward thinking approach to development. He has used and developed FileMaker applications for over 20 years, helping businesses to streamline their companies’ process and creating applications to make them run more effectively. Joe has also been a speaker and vendor at the FileMaker Developer Conferences in 2016 and 2015.

Matthew Haughton

MaJic Solutions

After starting to write code on his Atari ST in the early 90s Matthew quickly developed an affinity with computers. He wrote extensive projects in Pascal at A Level and picked up many other skills including programming simple computer terminals with binary code. He went on to read Artificial Intelligence as an undergraduate at Sheffield University where he learned many languages including Java, Matlab, Lisp, Haskell, Perl as well as studying such diverse subjects as formal software specification, microprocessor design and relational database theory. During this multi-disciplinary course he also studied neuroscience and philosophy of mind.
After graduating in 2002 he worked on multiple large-scale projects as an in-house developer before joining MaJic Solutions in 2009. Matthew is certified in FileMaker 11 through 16 and is now a senior developer at MaJic responsible for developing large-scale solutions connecting to multiple, third-party systems.

Junior Verreijt-Nielsen


Junior Verreijt-Nielsen has been a database developer (and founder of the company JUNIOR) for more than 20 years.
Due to the big impact the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has on business, Junior Verreijt-Nielsen have worked with the GDPR since 2016 and travels around Europe with presentations and extended Q&A sessions on this topic. In this context, Junior Verreijt-Nielsen is coaching, analysing and structuring for companies from a variety of branches as well as IT developers.
The company JUNIOR is a FileMaker Platinum Partner and Certified. They work within the SMB market, making Custom Apps, iOS Apps and Web solutions – all on the FileMaker platform. JUNIOR’s clients are typically dynamic companies that are always on the move.
JUNIOR develops creative, clean designs and complex solutions with a strong focus on the user friendliness for the end user.

Gary Palmer

ForbiddenPlanet.com / Titan Publishing

I am the IT Director for ForbiddenPlanet.com and the Titan Publishing Group based in the UK. Forbidden Planet is the world’s largest and best-known science fiction, fantasy and cult entertainment retailer. The largest UK stockist of the latest comics and graphic novels. Titan Publishing Group is the UK’s leading publisher of TV and Movie Tie-in publications.

I have been using FileMaker since version 2 on a Mac Plus. Today we have over 45 solutions containing over 140 files which hold over 150 million records. I am proud to say that I have been developing FileMaker solutions for half my life and I have presented numerous times for FileMaker in the UK and in the US at the FileMaker Developer Conference.

Matthew Heymans

Atatiki UK

Matthew has a wealth of experience in Business and Industry Growth focusing on both pipeline and partner development with a keen focus on client satisfaction and retention. Working with partner channels and aligning sales strategies for company growth he brings an interesting outside point of view to the app development space.

Having worked in sales for start up companies as well as selling tech solutions to global enterprise accounts all over the world he looks to add value to FileMaker community by challenging the status quo.

Ken d’Oronzio

Paradise Partners Inc., USA

Ken is a founding partner of Paradise Partners, Inc. and of soSIMPLE Software, makers of soSIMPLE Calendar – the one FileMaker calendar that you can use anywhere. He is also the creator of fmGateway for Zapier, a tool that enables FileMaker Server as a web service. Ken has been hanging out on the jagged edge of the FileMaker periphery for 20+ years, creating tools and techniques to expand FileMaker’s capabilities by using whatever technologies are available.

Rob Speakman

We Know Data

Rob is the MD and founder of We Know Data, one of the leading FileMaker Development Consultancies in the UK. Rob has been working with the FileMaker platform for over 10 years. He has spoken at many conferences; providing technical analysis and business thinking to help clients and colleagues get the most out of the platform.

Jordan Watson

Humming Tech

Jordan went to work for FileMaker, Inc. to learn about the product from the inside out. He then joined a leading FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Consultant where he led development on numerous FileMaker apps for companies like Apple and Rolls-Royce. He then moved on to successfully manage large internal development teams for multi-national organisations. Jordan now heads up the team at Humming Tech.

Humming Tech are a London based FBA member who exist to make teams around the world more efficient & organised.

Jul Carson


Jul Carson is an independent FileMaker Developer. He has been developing for eighteen years and runs the FileMaker Brighton User Group. He has spoken at FileMaker Technet meetings in the past. He has a background in software development and graphic design. With projects ranging across a wide range of industries he is actively developing new systems, maintaining existing systems and providing mentoring services.

Christian Schmitz

Monkey Bread Software

Christian Schmitz is developing software since 1998.
In 2006 he started the MBS FileMaker Plug-in which provides thousands of functions for FileMaker developers.
Beside that, he developers plugins for Xojo, several commercial applications and various projects for clients.
Christian lives in Germany and joins various FileMaker events to learn about the needs for new plugins.

Joris Aarts

ClickWorks bvba

Joris has been over 20 years in IT, both as trainer and developer, and is a specialist in database applications such as FileMaker Pro, MS Access and MS SQL Server. Apart from his extensive experience he brings acute and probing analytical skills to bear. “Being a trainer has taught me how important the human factor is to the success of an IT project”. Joris is a FileMaker 7 to 17 Certified Developer. Apart from computing Joris loves sailing, playing his guitar and driving his EV.

Kevin Miller


Kevin is the founder and CEO of LiveCode, overseeing a global team
and development of the LiveCode programming language and LiveCode for FM. Kevin founded LiveCode 20 years ago with the vision of making programming accessible to everyone. LiveCode is now used by tens of thousands of businesses and schools worldwide – and is now a powerful and mature programming tool which is cross platform -covering Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and FileMaker®.

LiveCode’s newest development – LCFM Native, allows you to take an existing FileMaker layout, and convert it to a native app on any device (including Android), while still talking to FileMaker. The only solution of it’s type in the market.

Vincenzo Mennano

Beezwax, USA

Over 20 years of full-time experience as a master consultant, as well as a dedicated developer of FileMaker-related products, Vince is widely considered one of the leading FileMaker developers in the world. He’s a featured speaker at industry events such as the FileMaker Developer Conference, FM Conférence, CQDF, and many FileMaker User Groups. In addition to his work as Director of FileMaker Development at Beezwax, Vince is the author of InspectorPro, a leading FileMaker development tool that provides in-depth FileMaker solution analysis and advanced data visualizations.

Alan Stirling

Alan Stirling Technology Ltd

I still remember opening my first copy of FileMaker (Version 1.0 from Forethought) on my Macintosh Plus in 1986 and thinking: “This looks fun, but can I use it for anything practical?” and then having to decide that I couldn’t!

But by 1989 I was using FileMaker (now on Version II from Claris) to run my Apple Dealership in Baker Street, London. In 1991, I sold my Apple business and became a full-time FileMaker Developer and haven’t looked back.

I’ve been an FBA Platinum member since 2007 and passed every FileMaker Certification exam (from version 7 to 17). I have also attended 22 out of the 23 FileMaker Developer Conferences in the US, having missed the very first one!

For the last 20 years, I have been involved in the management of the ‘FileMaker Developers Association’ (www.fmda.co.uk), which is for all FileMaker Developers based in and around London. We meet every other month to discuss everything and anything connected with FileMaker. More recently, we now have a bi-monthly ‘Dinner Club’ (called Mod[8] ), where we take the opportunity to meet up and talk about FileMaker over a good meal.

Ian Jempson


Ian is a solutions architect at Brightsource. Ian has been using FileMaker for over twenty years and in a past life was responsible for FileMaker based software products in use by tens of thousands of users. Along the way he’s integrated FileMaker with everything from Microsoft Word, Tesseract, Trello, Basecamp, Slack, and just about anything else with an API.

He has spoken at numerous conferences on topics ranging from software estimation, to modular FileMaker, and most recently machine learning. Currently he is spending what little spare time he has writing his Masters dissertation on the strategic implications of AI.

Rakhitha Dias

Terias Consulting

Rakhitha is the Managing Director of Terias which provides bespoke and scalable business solutions for SMEs primarily using FileMaker along with other web technologies and IT consultancy services.

Coming from an Electrical and Electronic Engineering background he was first introduced to FileMaker in 2006 while working as a placement student at a FileMaker Platinum Partner. Since then he has worked for a FileMaker SBA partner running product support and IT operations globally. After that he worked in the public sector as an IT Manager prior to committing to Terias full time.

Rakhitha is passionate about bringing enterprise technology advantages to small and medium sized businesses and has an ethos to provide simple to use solutions for complex functionality. These solutions are provided at an affordable cost.